Our marketing specialist attended “Design 4 Enterprises” course

Our marketing specialist Aybüke Uzsoylu attended “Design 4 Enterprises” course which was held on 24th of January at Czech Trade Headquarters. The course was a part of a three years programme of courses to support design-driven innovation founded by European Commision. Those free courses, which are organized both short and full time, targeted on European SMEs, that will improve their design management skills and business development intermediaries, such as EEN partners, that will become future trainers for other SMEs.

Course was lectured by Daniel Trabucchi and Maddalena Garrone who are both engineers and coming from Italy the heart design. The course was based on 3 main topics : Strategic design for SMEs, customer centered design and design for shaping products and design driven innovation. The theoretical part was supported by case studies and followed by a team work which enables us to practice what we learned.

With this course, our perspective on design was changed and widened. The meaning of design “need+solution” and design driven innovation  how design is changing our business culture, design as a key feature in our strategies, the meaning of and how widen the areas that we can implement design and design thinking.

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YeYe is in Amper Fair

Yeye Agency is lecturing in Amper Fair.

On 26th of March 2015 ,Thursday, ‘Yeye Agency’ is  lecturing about Turkey in  seminar hosted by Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce / Česko Turecká Smíšená Obchodní Komora (ČTSOK).  The seminar will be between 10:00-12:00 at Hall P, small auditorium P5.

AMPER fair is the biggest fair in CEE in international trade fair of Electrotechnics, electronics, automation, communication, lighting and security technologies.

If you are planning in  expanding your business to  Turkey  or looking for new partners  from Turkey, we would be glad to see you in our seminar.

‘YeYe’ will show the current status and the future of electronics sector in Turkey. Participants will also learn the competition in the market and the regulations about exports, tax and legal issues. Furthermore, you will meet with ČTSOK and YeYe representatives and discuss how we can help you with your business plans in Turkey.

AMPER Trade Fair has been organized for 22 in the Brno Exhibition Center. The fair will last 4 days – 24, 25, 26 and 27th of March and opening hours will be 9 am till 5 pm for Tuesday to Thursday and for Friday 9 am till 4 pm.

For further information about Amper Fair, click here.

For the final report of Amper 2014 Trade Fair, click here.

Amper 2014 Trade Fair  video : http://youtu.be/jwaz55s1J3w

AMPER Trade Fair 2014

New Project : M2C Turkey Global

M2C is expanding into Turkey

M2.C – Mark2 Corporation 
M2C, a.s. has been in the market of corporate security since 1992. In 2008 it became the largest Czech security company without foreign ownership share. For many years it has been the leading provider of security services in the Czech Republic with a wide portfolio of services.

Security agency M2C operates in prestigious facilities with high social status, administrative complexes or hotels. It also provides services to clients from shopping and entertainment centres, retail or modern industrial sites. Their clients include mainly foreign investors who demand a high level of professionalism and security logistics and who put great emphasis on combating internal crime.

M2.C Turkey Global is specialized in the provision of integrated security and customer service functions. Over the last 20 years, we have developed a unique sharp edge ability to combine customer care and risk management. M2.C Turkey Global provides a range of services developed specifically for the leisure and retail market.

Yeye business consultancy will asist to M2C in increasing their potential in Turkish market. The company has been operating in Turkey for 4 years and already has an established office and network. Yeye will help to maximize their potential in the selected industries and increasing  the brand recognition and visbility in Turkey

Mark 2 corporation is a member of CTSOK.

Website : http://www.m2cglobal.com.tr/

Resource : http://www.m2cglobal.com.tr/te/about-us-1.html

New Business Partner : ČTSOK

Yeye Agency is consulting to Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and to its members.

The Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce (Česko-Turecká Smíšená Obchodní Komora)

With Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce(CTSOK)  we have been organizing seminars. Now, this cooperation is not only limited to organize  seminars but also in developing  business services for the member companies of Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce.

Members ofCzech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce will be consulted and advised by YeYe Agency in increasing their potential in Turkey.


What is CSTOK?

The Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce is a non-profitable organization, established with the permission of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic with the purpose of development of commercial relations with the Republic of Turkey in 2006. The Chamber associates Czech and Turkish natural and legal persons, who are interested in the entry to and participation in the market, where takes place commercial exchange between the Czech and Turkish commercial bodies.

Website : http://ctsok.eu/

Export Festival CZ 2014

We participated to Export Festival 2014

“Presentation – Information – Networking event to support Czech export of innovations and international business cooperation” 

Association CzechInno organises “Festival of Export”  in Prague  at Congress Centre Prague,5. května 65, Praha 4 between the days 18th and 19th June 2014. For 2014, the association CzechInno plans to support mainly export of innovative products and services.

YeYe Business Consulting will take a part in the workshop that Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Prague and Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce are jointly organizing. The workshop will be held on the second day( 19.06.2014) in “Workshop Room Europe and Asia (Club B)” at 11.15 .

The “Festival of Export” focuses on companies’ meeting with representatives of government and institutions to promote entrepreneurship and export in order to promote export activities of Czech companies and their international business cooperation, to supply them with current information and contacts necessary for a successful export and at the same time to introduce them business and cultural practices of attractive export destinations.

Program of II. Export CZ Festival will be divided into 5 blocks : Export News for All, Territorial Information by both embassies and chamber of commerces, Export Fitted Info and Business Contacts Sharing, Export Wizards – Company Presentations and Sectorial Informations, Arts and Flavours of the Four Continents.

Participation in the event is free of charge on the basis of online registration and accreditation for Export Festival CZ 2014 is necessary.

Programme : http://www.czechinno.cz/projects/festival-of-export-cz/programme/programme.aspx

Seminar at the AMPER Trade Fair

We were at AMPER Fair Trade from the 18th of March to the 21st of March. AMPER fair is the biggest fair in CEE related to international trade fair of Electrotechnics, electronics, automation, communication, lighting and security technologies.

On the 19th of March, we took part in the  seminar that was organized by Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce / Česko Turecká Smíšená Obchodní Komora (ČTSOK).  At First, Eliška Rajchlová was on  the stage. Miss Rajchlová gave information about ČTSOK’s activities and talked about the differences of Czech and Turkish business ethics.


After Miss Rajchlová, on behalf of YeYe Business Consulting, Yalın Yüregil was on  the stage. He began with the comparison of Czech and Turkish Republics’ key data on economic and social areas. After that, his topics were export – import data and trade volumes between these countries. What is important is industries that AMPER covers have a  remarkable percentage between the trade of Czech Republic and Turkey. He continued his  session with something different for Czech businessmen’s : How associations, organizations and chambers are important in their own industries of business life. He ended his session  with Turkey’s opportunities and “2023 Targets” in these industries .

After Yalın Yüregil, Aleš Eppinger -Chairman of Executive Board, partner and head of legal department of Schaffer & Partner- mentioned
the differences in legal issues When he ended his session , it was the time for participants to ask questions  and  give information about their ongoing business in Turkey.

Doing business with Turkey is in different stage for all participants. Some of them have offices or distributors in Turkey for a long time. Some of them put  Turkey as a new destination in their future plans. After short meetings, we decided to have the follow-up meetings in 2 weeks  and that was how AMPER ended for us.

You will hear us more in the coming weeks about the follow-up of AMPER Fair.