Oguzhan – Trainee Interview

I found what I didn’t expect.

Oguzhan - trainee interview
Oguzhan – trainee interview

1) What was your expectation before traineeship in Yeye?

My expectations are little bit different because of what happened at the beginnig of my trainee. I was supposed to do my internship in another company but missfortune occured. Thanks to the founder of YeYe, Yalin Yuregil, I found what I didn’t expect. Nevertheless things have gone better than I could imagine. I have learned lots of things during my internship in YeYe.

2) What was your greatest experience (enjoyment) during your traineeship?

At the beginning of my trainee everything was challenging. I didn’t know what I have to do or how I suppose to do. On the other hand, as time progresses and my knowledge grows, I began to realize what is it about and which part I am in in this organisation. At that moment I started enjoying work and my daily life. After that everyday was whole new experience. In short, I have great time with my work and my friends.

3) What did you learn both in career and personal way?

I haven’t worked in a job related to my profession before. It was my first internship and it affected both my career and personal way. I have learnt a new area of my profession and I trained myself as much as I could. In addition to that I worked under dicipline which I never had done before.

4) Did the traineeship change your perspective of your future? / What is your career vision?

Before I came to Prague, I was thinking about my career and still it is not very clear. However I can easily say that this traineeship enlarged my view. Thanks to that I know other areas related to my field now.

Oguzhan – trainee interview

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