Melis – Trainee Interview

I had a chance to learn and apply at the same time. We were learning by doing.

Melis Ozcan
Melis Ozcan

1) What was your expectation before traineeship in Yeye?

I had lots of goals and expectations related with Yeye ; in general learning foreign trade conditions, marketing, export and import process between countries. And personally improving myself and a unique start to my business career.

2) What was your greatest experience (enjoyment) during your traineeship?

Every day was a new chance to achieve greatest experience during my internship in Prague so I can’t say just one thing 🙂 In this case, I met various type of people from different cultures, I discovered the neighbour countries of Czech Republic and also I had a chance to join Turkish theather improvisation group with Yalin.

3) What did you learn both in career and personal way?

This internship played an important role in my life both in business life and personally. It provided me a good and skillful environment through which I can explore my knowledge and steer my career in the right way. I learned how to manage many projects, how to prepare an offer, the process of the foreign trade, how to communicate with the importer and exporter companies. For personal way, I reached to my short term goal which is working about foreign
trade in abroad so I feel more self-confident and I learned to work & live under different kind of conditions. I met a lot of people, I went a lot of places and cities, I participated on festivals and meetings. All these opportunities enhanced my horizon and provided a unique platform to boost my career.

4) Did the traineeship change your perspective of your future? / What is your career vision?

Working with Yeye in Prague changed many things in my life. Thanks to this internship I had a chance to learn and apply at the same time. We were learning by doing. I want to come back to Prague to start a master degree which will be important for my academical experience.

Melis Ozcan – trainee interview

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