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Our new trainee: Doruk

  • Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Doruk and I’m 24 years old expat who has a strong international mindset. I’ve recently graduated from my second bachelor degree. During my studies, I was lucky enough to be part of the biggest student organization in Europe, Erasmus Student Network. I took up many objectives, tasks and mandates which led me to travel around Europe and work with young international people like myself. This experience developed me both socially and professionally such a way that I practically became a new person. Even though my studies and past work experiences related mostly to trade & logistics, my volunteer experiences granted me HR, marketing even social media management backgrounds.

  • Why did you choose Prague? What is your motivation?

I always believed that life is not meant to be lived in one place so I traveled. I had the chance of visiting most of the major cities in Europe. Even if it was for couple of days, I was still able to get some insights about the cities and Prague was one of my absolute favorites. Later, I chose Prague as my erasmus destination mostly because of architecture, quality of education and financial aspects of doing an exchange. After that, I started to look for some internship opportunities in Europe. Lucky break for me, I got accepted from Yeye. During my stay, I grown quite found of the city and the job itself. So I figured, this might actually the path I should be following and I should try to make a living out of it.

  • Why did you choose YeYe Agency and what’s your expectation?

I had couple of short-time internships in some corporate firms before and to be honest I don’t think it is the right fit for me. One of the things that grabbed me on my first internship in Yeye is, the flexibility you have in your tasks and responsibilities allow you to be more expressive. Which leads to much higher efficiency and self-development. Moreover, I have quite the social background. Thus, working with people, being part of a proactive team is such a big plus for me in the work environment. Yeye’s biggest focus is the people, I guess this is why I can relate a lot to it.

Since this is my second internship here, I have more precise goals and expectations. My biggest goal is to continue learning from and achieving with the people who are part of this company.

  • What’s your future plans and dreams? 

To be frank, I would like to start building my professional life in Prague. Since I’m already graduated there are no obstacles in front of me. I hope Yeye would be a good start for my professional career in Prague.

Our New Trainee: İclal

  • Can you introduce yourself?

I am Iclal, 22 years old Turkish girl, studying International Logistics Management at Yasar University in İzmir as a senior student. Since the beginning of my education,  I am an ESN volunteer which is the biggest student association in Europe. As Erasmus Student Network, we offer help to exchange students in their academic, social and practical integration process under the discipline of  “Student Helping Student”. It was the greatest experience of my life. Other than volunteering, one of my interests is entrepreneurship. I am currently carrying on my start-up project which is named Glocalzone with my partner. Basically what we are doing is solving the access problem of the locals to some products which do not exist in the market by bringing them via travelers.

  • Why did you choose Prague? What was your motivation?

I believe that most of you know about “Once Erasmus Always Erasmus” quote. Last year, I was an Erasmus student in Poland and it was a life-changing experience for me. It has widen my perspective through the life. When the time has come to make my internship, I was sure of becoming an Erasmus intern. One of my reasons to choose Prague is that I have heard lots of good comments on it. Besides its historical background, Prague is a modern city with the lifestyle. This harmony got my attention and I wanted to experience myself by being part of it. The other reason it that, Prague can be entitled as one of the most important start-up center. Since I have been maintaining and trying to develop my project, I believe Prague is the right place to be.

  • Why did you choose YeYe Agency and what’s your expectation?

One of the former Yeye Agency trainees Doruk was very pleased with the working environment and experienced a lot in business areas since they had actually given important tasks and followed the “learning by doing” method. As an agency, Yeye operates in many stages of what companies may need during their extension and being able to observe and take part of these processes which are all for different companies and sectors is an amazing opportunity to actually get into how businesses run in detail. Beside, Yeye Agency works in cooperation with Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, meaning that you will have the perspective and information about the way how the procedures work for both countries.

Our new trainee: Musa Bektaş

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Musa BEKTAŞ, I was born in Adana which is very beautiful and different city of Turkey. I grow up in village with dreams of discovering world and meeting people. Starting from high school I  became a member of Turkish Education Association (TED) and I was  part of project called ‘10.000 Genç Meşale Daha Aydınlık Türkiye’ (10.000 Young Torch More Bright Turkey). I studied Management and Information System at Osmaniye Korkut Ata University and currently I’m studying master of Management and Information System at the same university. My hobbies are drawing and painting picture, taking photos, language, culture, collection interesting things and cooking.

Why did you choose Prague ? What was your motivation?

I had a chance to travel across to Europe when I was Erasmus student semester of 2013/14 in Lublin, Poland. I came Prague 3 times and I really liked it, the city was very charming and full of amazing buildings. After my university, I had a chance to do Erasmus Internship and I choose Prague without hesitation. I lived here for 6 amazing months and met so many nice people, organize events and tours, took part of some projects, etc. When I came back to start my masters degree there was the only idea of living Prague in my mind and thanks to YeYe Agency that they make my dream come true for short them (for now 😉 ) Plus architecture and history, Prague is very attractive place for young and international people, also becoming business center for lots of international organizations.

Why did you choose YeYe Agency and what’s your expectation?

After my graduation from university, I had the idea to develop myself on digital, social media marketing but also to do something about my master degree in practice. I wanted to be a part of Yeye Agency which is the leading company on developing business between Czech and Turkish markets on comprehensive services I found out that there are a lot to learn and develop in YeYe Agency, especially on digital marketing. My expectations and interests  are to learn and improving my skills and working with international team

What are your future plans and dreams?

My future plan is doing the best which I’m gonna do in the future because If you wanna know or guess what’s gonna be in the future you should create it or at least be a part of it.  Living in Prague permanently is my future plan.


Our marketing specialist attended “Design 4 Enterprises” course

Our marketing specialist Aybüke Uzsoylu attended “Design 4 Enterprises” course which was held on 24th of January at Czech Trade Headquarters. The course was a part of a three years programme of courses to support design-driven innovation founded by European Commision. Those free courses, which are organized both short and full time, targeted on European SMEs, that will improve their design management skills and business development intermediaries, such as EEN partners, that will become future trainers for other SMEs.

Course was lectured by Daniel Trabucchi and Maddalena Garrone who are both engineers and coming from Italy the heart design. The course was based on 3 main topics : Strategic design for SMEs, customer centered design and design for shaping products and design driven innovation. The theoretical part was supported by case studies and followed by a team work which enables us to practice what we learned.

With this course, our perspective on design was changed and widened. The meaning of design “need+solution” and design driven innovation  how design is changing our business culture, design as a key feature in our strategies, the meaning of and how widen the areas that we can implement design and design thinking.

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The energy industry in Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world, following its economic growth over the past decade.

The energy industry in Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world, following its economic growth over the past decade. It is built on the successful privatization programs implemented in that period – the distribution of electricity is now entirely in the hands of the private sector while the privatization of assets for the generation of electricity is to be completed within the next few years. This gives the Turkish energy sector increased competitiveness and new horizons for growth.

Economic expansion, rising per capita income, positive demographic trends and the rapid pace of urbanization were the main drivers of energy demand, which is estimated to grow at six percent per year until 2023. The current 70 GW of installed capacity of electricity should reach 120 GW by 2023, so as to meet the growing demand in the country. As part of its efforts to provide sustainable and reliable energy to consumers, Turkey offers investors favorable incentives such as feed-in tariffs, shopping guarantee priority access, licensing exemptions, etc., depending on the type and capacity of power equipment.

in the last decade, the Turkish government has made important reforms in the field of energy, towards private participation and thereby create a healthier competitive environment in the energy market. Privatization of generators to produce energy, together with the strategy of opening the way for more private investment is to increase private participation in the electricity sector, from 32 percent in 2002 to 75 percent in 2015. The next step is the creation of the Turkish government energy exchange. Once operational, will not only market liberalization but also ensure transparency and maintain a healthy balance between supply and demand.

In addition to the large domestic market, Turkey is in a strategic position between several major suppliers and consumers of energy, and thus serves as a regional energy hub. Existing and planned oil and gas pipelines, critical of the Turkish Straits and the promising findings of hydrocarbon reserves give Turkey a growing influence over energy prices and strengthen its position as an energy gateway gateways.

Opportunities for renewable forms of energy – water, wind, solar, geothermal and others – are Turkey rich, as policy support purchase prices are expected in the coming years will significantly increase its share in the national network. The Turkish government established a priority to increase the share of renewable energy in the total installed capacity of the country to 30 percent by 2023, in line with the concept of energy efficiency by adopting laws which provide guidelines for energy efficiency.

Just as important as renewable energy, are Turkey’s energy strategy for the coming years crucial technologies in related areas such as waste treatment and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Maintaining the level of environmental resorting to renewable resources is accompanied by a series of policies and regulations that are either currently in effect or will take effect in the near future – reducing carbon emissions, improving efficiency and promoting the use of technology waste management.

The sum of these factors has the profound impact on the energy sector in Turkey and turned it into one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. In accordance with the regulations for investors pleasant and high demand growth, the Turkish energy sector becomes more vibrant and competitive. Attracting the attention of more foreign investors for each part of the production chain all energy subsectors.

The total investment needed to meet expected energy demand in Turkey in 2023 is estimated at around USD 110 billion, which is more than double the total amount invested in the last decade.

An ambitious vision of Turkey for 2023:

  • Increase total installed capacity of 120 GW.
  • Increasing the share of renewables to 30 percent.
  • Maximizing utilization of water energy.
  • The increase in installed capacity based on wind power to 20,000 MW.
  • The installation of power plants, which will provide 600 MW of geothermal and 5000 MW of solar energy .
  • Extending the length of transmission lines to 60,717 km.
  • Achieving a unit capacity of the energy distribution of 158,460 MVA.
  • Extending the use of intelligent networks.
  • Increasing natural gas storage capacity to 5 billion cubic meters.
  • The establishing of energy exchanges.
  • Putting into operation of nuclear power stations (two operating nuclear power plants, with a third under construction).
  • The increase in installed capacity of coal power from the current level of 14.5 GW to 30 GW.

Source: Deloitte

The energy industry in Turkey

The history of Bohemia vs Moravia rivalry

Where did it all start? History teaches us that there was the guy called Samo…

In order to explain the origin of  the bohemian vs Moravian rivalry, we decided to create this short article. We hope it will be both educative and interesting for all expats and visitors of our country.

Where did it all start? History teaches us that there was the guy called Samo, who founded the first state the Samo´s Empire in 623 A.D. Thence the uniting of many Slavonic tribes gave birth to mighty Great Moravian Empire. Let us stop here for the moment. Nowadays our country is divided into two smaller parts – Bohemia and Moravia. Bohemia means Czech in our language (it is the same word = Čechy) and you can understand that Bohemia is more important with the capital city of Prague. But from history, the Moravia was the original  country in these lands (with Brno, the biggest Moravian city and the rival to Prague). This was the origin of rivalry between left and right part of the country. On the other hands we are still one nation and we fight for our country in international matters under one flag and anthem. 

Insights from Amper fair 2016

This fair is like a window to the future. It combines automatization, electricity, software innovation and people effort to make life easier with environmental friendly attitude. More than 600 exhibitors from 22 countries took part in Brno this year.

One month after Salima fair our mission continued on Amper fair. This event is our “traditional” one because it was the third time that ČSTOK organized a workshop there.

This fair is like a window to the future. It combines automatization, electricity, software innovation and people effort to make life easier with environmental friendly attitude. More than 600 exhibitors from 22 countries took part in Brno this year.

The workshop itself was on Thursday afternoon in pavilion P. The experienced chamber team presented topics connected to the electro-technical industry in Turkey and its recent progress. Companies like Honeywell or VUES Brno s.r.o. attended and got introduced to the Turkish issues. Bits and pieces from Amper

Bits and pieces from Amper

  • We met with our friends from Galvito company, that invented the heating table for restaurants, pubs, and promotional usage.
  • We saw the 100% electricity bus and a lot of electrified cars like Tesla, Nissan, BMW or homemade Škoda.
  • Golden Amper awards were won by Siemens and ABB companies
  • The original motto of the Amper fair “For brave men” was because of the women complaints changed to “For the brave and curious”.
  • IMAG2531Amper fair 2016


Christmas in Czech republic

Christmas time is one of the most important and probably the most favourite feast in Czech republic. It is not only religious holiday, but for many people (doesn´t matter if they are believer or not) it is mainly the family feast.

Christmas time is one of the most important and probably the most favourite feast in Czech republic. It is not only religious holiday, but for many people (doesn´t matter if they are believer or not) it is mainly the family feast.

Christmas time starts by the first advent Sunday (four Sundays before Christmas Eve) and officially finishes at St. Stephen’s Day (December 26th). During this period people in Czech republic hold many Christmas traditions. One of the most coommon and the most popular tradition is baking of Christmas cookies. They start in advance, usually at the beginning of Advent, so that the cookies have enough time to get more tasty. The another tradition which starts at the beginning of Advent is lighting of candels on a Christmas wreath. Every Advent Sunday there is one more candel to be lighten and at the end of the Advent time – at Cristmas Eve, there are all four candels blazing on the wreath.

Advent wreath
Advent wreath

In Advent time, people decorate their homes by Christmas garlands,  speacial christmas decorations and characters and also by hanging mistletoe. A well known Christmas custom is called “Barborky”. That is practiced on the feast day of St. Barbora (every 4th of December). Young ladies of marriageable age cut off a twig from a cherry tree and put it in water. If it blooms by Christmas Eve, the girl is believed to get married sometime during the coming year. The custom is also that before Christmas Eve people send the greeting cards to their relatives and friends.

The significant day in Advent period is the feast of St. Nicholas, which is enthusiastically celebrated i Czech. It is a feast mostly dedicated to the children. In the evening, children are expecting a visit of St. Nicholas accompanied by few devils and one angel. If the children was behaving good during the year, they are given some candies from the angel and if they behaved badly throughout the year, devils give them some pieces of coals.

St. Nicholaus
St. Nicholaus

On 24th December, or few days before, people decorate their christmas trees by lights, coloured glass balls and another small decorations. On Christmas day people eat just a little and usually they don´t eat meat, because there is a  story, that if you fast you can see the gold pig. During the day, the Christmas dinner is being prepared. The traditional dish for for Christmas Eve´s dinner is fish soup and fried carp with potato salad. Before the dinner people are raising the glasses and saying “Veselé Vánoce” (Merry Christmas).

Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner

The custom is to hide a carp scale under each plate in order to keep the wealth for the next year. Another custom is prepating one more plate for an occasional traveller who could stop by. I must mention also the custom of putting the nutshells with small candles to the bowl filled with water. Each “boat” symbolize the life way of it´s owner. The cutting of an apple and discovering if there is the star inside – which means good luck – or not is also very favourite Christmas tradition.

Christmas traditions
Christmas traditions

After the Christmas dinner the whole family goes to the Christmas tree, sing the carols and unwrap the presents. Watching the Cristmas fairy tales after unwraping the presents is very popular not only among small children, but also among their parents. Many people attend the midnight Holy Mass.

Eliška – trainee interview

I also learned that there is no reason to be affraid of bigger responsibility and that it is much better to just approach tasks rather than having doubts about if you can do it or not.

1) What was your expectation before traineeship in Yeye?

I expected to apply my university knowledge in practice and develop my skills. I wanted to try as many areas of business as possible.

2) What was your greatest experience (enjoyment) during your traineeship?

I have many experiences, but the one I appreciate the most was to participate at the meeting with one of our potential partner at ČTSOK and then preparing a real offer for them.

3) What did you learn both in career and personal way?

I really appreciate to work in an international environment and to have a chance to influence some important decisions or at least to do some tasks on my own. I also learned that there is no reason to be affraid of bigger responsibility and that it is much better to just approach tasks rather than having doubts about if you can do it or not.

4) Did the traineeship change your perspective of your future? / What is your career vision?

Not really actually, my expectations which I had had before I came to the company have been almost completely fulfilled. I appreciate to work independently and to have my own tasks to do. I tried to work in a very small group of people where I always had a chance to present my own ideas. That was a great experience which has taught me to be more self-confident about presenting my opinions to the others but also to be very much open to the ideas and reasonable reservations of my colleagues. Nevertheless, I have always wanted to work for a big international company where I will have more negotiating power beyond me and more chances to work in a team.

Eliška – trainee interview