Anıl – Trainee Interview

Thanks to my internship in YeYe, I am believing to myself more.

Anıl Can Yıldız
Anıl Can Yıldız

1) What was your expectation before traineeship in Yeye?

Before working for YeYe, I planned to examine international job environment. At the same time, I wanted to expand my marketing & sales skills. Thanks to YeYe, I gained international job experience and expanded my marketing & sales skills.

2) What was your greatest experience (enjoyment) during your traineeship?

When I was in Prague, I spent great time. I attended essential events about trade, meeting etc. I met a lot of people and constituted network during the my internship. On the other hand, I did really great things with my friends. I created very nice memories in Prague.

3) What did you learn both in career and personal way?

I learnt many things during the my internship. For my career, I saw how international job environment works. I used business English more during the internship. In addition that, I looked after project from beginning to end therefore I closely acquainted with each part of project. (Research, Prepare a Report,Presentation etc.) For personal way, I spent great time during the my internship. I met a lot of friends in Prague and I explored ­one of the most beautiful cities of the world -­ Prague. I tried to learn Czech language for daily life. Shorty, this internship added a lot of
useful things to me for future.

4) Did the traineeship change your perspective of your future? / What is your career vision?

Thanks to my internship in YeYe, I am believing to myself more. I am feeling the power inside of myself that change the my future. First, I want to expand my job experience more in order to establish my own company.

Anıl Can Yıldız – trainee interview

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